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The scene with The Angel of Death Frances Conroy was beautifully shot, and I just sat there watching with my eyes wide open, filling up with tears. I know she's a fictional character, but I'm just glad she got her happiness in the end. Kit remarried later, his kids went on to become a big shot lawyer and neurosurgeon, and when he was about to die from pancreatic cancer, the aliens took him back. I'm glad one of the monsters this season was good. We can all agree that the aliens were benevolent? During her interview, Lana came clean regarding her child. For 40 years, she had claimed that the child died during birth, but now she admitted that she gave it up for adoption and it was still alive.

After the interview concludes and the crew leaves, Lana pours two drinks. One for her and one for Johnny, who she had known was her son the entire time after the police had warned her that he was in fact a murderer.

Maybe I missed it, but how exactly did the police connect Johnny to Lana again? The dialogue between Lana and Johnny was pretty fantastic. There was absolutely no way that he was going to kill her and that the episode could only end with his demise, but it was still exciting to see it played out. In his final moments, she gave him what he wanted and that was genuine at least to him motherly love.

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But then she turned the gun on him and shoots him point black in the head, practically mimicking Thredson's death. The final scene, a flashback to when Lana and Jude first met, was cute, albeit head-scratching. This season felt more like Lana's story rather than Jude's, so ending on Jude seemed a little strange. I didn't mind it, as the more Jessica Lange the better, but it didn't really pack any punch for me.

Bloody Disgusting!

Lange's delivery of the line, "If you look in the face of evil, evil is going to look right back at you," was exceptional, and that pretty much sums up the season. I'm glad that there wasn't a cliffhanger this season like there was last season with the demon child. I feel content with moving on, leaving these characters behind and moving onto the next macabre story.

Until October, you guys. The documentary-style storytelling was probably my favorite part of the episode. It made everything seem that much more authentic and grotesque. Like, what?

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That's the craziest thing I've heard all season. Did Sarah Paulson look great this episode or did she look great? In the scene where she helps young Johnny when he's being bullied, she looked phenomenal. Who's doing hair and makeup? Can we get them an Emmy? Or just a "thank you? After Lana exposes his involvement with Arden's human experimentation, the former Monsignor kills himself from all the guilt.

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