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American Tales

By empowering local people to take back control over employment, health and education, the project aims to provide a hopeful and positive vision for Brexit. What makes a city resilient? Cities, rich or poor, are particularly vulnerable, and will increasingly be affected by anomalous climate change, natural catastrophe and urban stresses including population migration, high unemployment, inefficient public infrastructure systems, endemic violence or chronic food and water shortages.

A community needs awareness, diversity, integration, the capacity for self-regulation and adaptiveness to be resilient. A society can only be resilient when the city delivers basic functions to its entire community, in both good times and bad. The resilience movement also has important roles to play in both ensuring that current architecture assets and cultural heritage are protected from long-term and acute affects, and in developing revolutionary new spatial programs and systems fit for the challenges of the 21st century.

The effects of climate change on the built environment are, for example, not limited to changes of weather, but include the impact on architectural efforts towards changes in behaviour, demographics, population growth and economic environments. Globally, governments are now acknowledging that future environments built on resilient efforts can provide potential multiple co-benefits to cities.

In PROJECT 1, we will speculate, prioritize and redefine the poetics of urban resilience, focusing on one or a combination of issues around awareness, diversity, integration, self-regulation or adaptiveness. In PROJECT 2, the city will be informed by individual studies to establish core interests and should form the basis of a complex narrative and program.

We encourage expressions of personal ideology, scale and working methods in search of visionary and innovative urban architectural proposals. The narrative aims to reunite an arguably broken Britain in the 21st century, providing for the disenfranchised within the UK as well as for increasingly dislocated global communities. Is the new urbanism driven by concerns of climate change, food and water security, democracy; or by local economic influences at different scales?

A response to the Eurozone crisis of — the economic collapse of Greece and the influx of Syrian refugees — Britain in partnership with Thomas Cook would lease Faliraki off the Greek Government. Brits are encouraged to spend in the new hedonistic holiday resort, while the intervention would offer the refugees a new home, and with it security, retraining and financial independence in the new sovereign land of Rhodes.

Japan can only retain sovereignty in exchange for clean soil, water, air and pure salt and onsen hot springs.

The Chinese Communist party uses Yen Town as the reward for loyalty whilst promoting communist beliefs. A promise, especially promises of a fulfilling life after retirement, is the currency of the intervention. Utopia: an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. The word was first used in the book Utopia by Sir Thomas More.

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By definition an unreachable destination, broadsides on utopia have been launched since its very inception. Such criticism misses the point and dismisses the potency of the utopic vision. Housing, agriculture and industry are carefully integrated, and the developments remain two of the few recognised realisations of utopia in existence.

The cost of utopia is what lies outside of utopia, the forgotten communities and infrastructure is required to support it, a counterpoint that is sharply observed in the Peter Weir film The Truman Show, depicting the new urbanist town of Seaside in Florida. The urban condition raises recurring as well as fresh challenges for every generation. Utopian visions, whether or not they are accepted, are reflections of society in which they are imagined and have a powerful influence on the public consciousness.

JG Ballard has written that the psychological realm of fiction is most valuable in its predictive function, projecting emotion into the future. We encouraged expressions of personal ideology, scale and working methods in search of visionary architecture and urban utopian speculations.

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The corporate image of Disney is reconfigured as a morally responsible institute. Through reimagining the animated as spatial storytellers, the proposal becomes a moral and public insertion in the heart of London that aims to shape a more diverse and holistic city. Inspired by the natural cloud system, the water management strategy aims to transform the urban Utopia is a place before heaven, set in Latrun Salient, Israel. The intercultural experiment of Jewish and Arabic community acts as a centre for global democratic peace. The Garden of Life, the Garden of Knowledge and the Throne collectively present community cohesion through education and cultivation of sustainable agricultural techniques and water resource management.

American Literature Grade 11 Pdf

The proposal explores the idea of creating political reform through architecture and affordable forms, using decentralisation of London and its temporary status as a catalyst for a better future in some of the most deprived parts of the UK. Global warming foresees an ecologically induced migration of terroir from Tuscany to the Thames Estuary. Due to sea rise, by the estuary has increased in size, presenting an opportunity to host an The US takes on the role of Global Waste Importer, exploiting environmental concerns to surreptitiously acquire nuclear waste and cheap materials with which to manufacture landmasses, marketed to foreign investors as a real estate investment.

The March Hare and the Hatter were having tea, a Dormouse was sitting between them, fast asleep… the table was a large one, but the three were all crowded together at one corner of it. No room! On a visit to New York City in , Charles Dickens noted that on Broadway, the well-to-do ladies in bright clothes and parasols were mixing with portly sows and hogs. Many urban centres have historically been places of animal cultivation, processing and trade.

In London, before the arrival of modern food transportation, it was reckoned that each cow lost about 20 pounds in weight on every mile walk to Smithfield Market.

American Literature Grade 11 Pdf

Regardless of our dwindling appreciation of fauna in cities, our dependency on them is ever increasing. Oysters once covered much of the east coast of the USA. The oysters are also integral to the ecosystem, creating habitable conditions for many other species. What appearance will a city take and what kind of social spaces will result in such a scenario?

Interests in technical exposition and environmental science to stimulate programmes and spatial innovation strengthen the use of poetics and fictional narrative in projects. We invited students, as with Alice, to posit a divergent status quo on the city of the twenty-first century, taking speculative and sometimes impossible ideas into visionary wonderlands.

Pooh re-evaluates covert responses to socio-political exclusion by prescribing idealised happy architecture in a nostalgic make-believe pilgrimage around Slough, ultimately for financial gain. Located in the Bristol Channel, the City of Sleep investigates the spatial and symbolic potential of cathedrals. The floating infrastructure facilitates a community of the third age in deep sleep through cryogenics, while providing a safe haven for local sea birds.


Remembering Spring integrates an urban garden Through five key architectural characters, the carbon-negative capital comments and tackles the financial hubris, political incompetence and environmental ignorance of the post financial crisis European Union. Is looking backward the best way to step forward? The masterplan employs the construction of an artificial moon as a piece of political propaganda to recapture the faith and confidence of Americans towards their federal government.

Chinese investment prompts the transitory integration of hydraulic fracturing in Blackpool for the exploitation of shale gas. The hydraulic fracturing instigates urban regeneration and provides a framework for new As such, the historic sense of place, and rootedness of residents are critical attributes of cites.

These strengths of place can, however, become liabilities if the local ecosystems are unable to adapt to the climate-induced changes. Climate change poses serious threats to life, and entire urban systems. Increases in global temperature have caused sea levels to rise at an accelerating pace, changing patterns and quantities of precipitation as well as the probable expansion of subtropical deserts.

According to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC , the greatest threat of climate change is the profound manner in which it could impact upon every aspect of our lives, from health to ecological security. No longer should the issue of climate change be considered solely in the realms of scientific policy, but is an issue that is multidisciplinary — the professions of the built environment including architects, planners, geographers and ecologists have a crucial role to contribute. Like many scientific policies, the strongest design visions and planning policies will simultaneously address problems in multiple domains and function, and to become constructs for the practice of everyday life for all ecological forms in the urban environment.

The sustainability and transformation of cities can address climate security challenges, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, alleviate water insecurity, and provide economic and social benefits, but could simultaneously help establish an ecological symbiosis between nature and built form.

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Innovative responses and solutions should present new paradigms for urban living, while some believe that for humans to survive, we need Beekeepers in the US have been reporting losses of their hives; while the British Beekeepers Association has warned that the honey bee could disappear from Britain by It seems that the bees are in crisis as a result of new and intensive farming practices. Monoculture agriculture, organised irrigation, the heavy use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and plant growth regulators, alongside climate change has increased the mortality rate of bee colonies at an alarming speed.

The disappearance of bees threatens global agriculture that relies on pollination by bees to produce our food supply. The city and the hive, two complex systems, are under risk. The pigeon towers of Isfahan represent one of the most remarkable examples of eccentricity in Persian architecture and an unusual exemplar of mutual interest between humans and nature. Creation Stories Collections of creation stories from a variety of cultures. Description of a Familiar Object using Mythology Students describe the throne they would have if they were a deity.

Dramatizing Folktales, Legends, and Myths Elementary students work together to research, select, and dramatize a Native American myth or legend.

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Don't miss the image gallery and the genealogy tables. Requires Adobe Reader for access. Fables and Stories This read-aloud anthology is designed for first grade.