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The Kingdom of the Reach was one of the independent kingdoms of Westeros until the War of Conquest. The Kingdom of the Reach fell when Aegon the Conqueror defeated the last Gardener King, Mern IX, in the Field of Fire. The Reach fell under the authority of the Iron Throne and House.
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After the battle and the ultimate death of Lady Olenna Tyrell , House Tarly was made Warden of the South for its betrayal of its liege lords [1] for what Jaime Lannister had described as allying with "foreign barbarians and eunuchs.

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Ser Bronn of the Blackwater offers to join Jaime and Tyrion with the forces of Queen Daenerys Targaryen should he be named Lord of Highgarden due to its vast size in comparison to Riverrun, a deal to which Tyrion reluctantly agrees. People of the Reach are collectively known as Reachmen.

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The Reach is watered by the immense River Mander and its many tributaries. The borders of the Reach are held as the Sunset Sea to the west and southwest, the Red Mountains of Dorne to the southeast, the hills of the Westerlands to the northwest and the Blackwater Rush to the far northeast. The northern Red Mountains also form the Reach's border with the Stormlands : known as the Dornish Marches , and currently possessed by the Stormlands, these rugged mountains have for centuries been the site of shifting border wars between the Reach, the Stormlands, and Dorne.

All told, the Reach borders five other regions of the Seven Kingdoms, six if the ocean border with the Iron Islands is counted in past centuries, the ironborn have indeed raided the coasts of the Reach. Thus the Reach matches the Riverlands in the number of regions it borders, though the mountain borders to the northwest and southeast, as well as ocean borders, make it somewhat more defensible than the Riverlands.

The regions that the Reach borders, clockwise from northwest to southeast, are the Westerlands, the Riverlands, the Crownlands , the Stormlands, and Dorne. The large island of the Arbor , located off the southwest shore, is a major subsection of the Reach, famed for its warm vineyards and central place in the wine industry.

The Reach is linked to the capital at King's Landing by the Roseroad. While the Andals first landed in the Vale of Arryn when they invaded Westeros, in the four thousand years since their invasion the Reach has been seen as more or less their cultural heartland. During these long millennia the Reach contained the largest city on the continent, Oldtown , which also served as the headquarters of the Andals' religion, the Faith of the Seven.

For this reason, the Reach has also always been seen as the heartland of chivalry in Westeros.

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It is in the Reach that knights most strictly observe the code of conduct promoted by chivalry, and most stringently follow the rules of the knightly tournament though of course, the degree to which these values are upheld is ultimately dependent on the character of the knight, even in the Reach.

This status as the center of Westeros's culture was only somewhat displaced relatively recently in historical terms, three hundred years ago during the Targaryen Conquest. Aegon the Conqueror built a new and slightly larger capital city on the east coast of Westeros, King's Landing , and forced the leadership of the Faith to move their headquarters there in the Great Sept of Baelor. Even so, the Reach can field more noble houses with more prestigious histories than the recently created Crownlands.

Due to its southern location, the Reach has a more temperate climate than most other regions of the Seven Kingdoms, except for Dorne. Snowfall is practically unheard of in Dorne; it sometimes snows in the Reach during the harshest winters, but snowfall is still unusual in its southern regions. Samwell Tarly of Horn Hill , in the south of the Reach, states that he never saw snow in his life before he came to the Wall though Sam has never lived through a particularly harsh winter lasting three or more years.

This temperate climate supports its status as one of the major breadbasket regions of the Seven Kingdoms, along with the Riverlands. It also results in the Reach being one of the largest and best wine-producing regions in Westeros, particularly on the large off-shore island known as the Arbor. The Reach can raise armies almost twice as large as those of any of the other kingdoms; it also has a fleet larger than any except that of the Iron Islands. Some of the other kingdoms have smaller populations than average and thus smaller armies, such as the Iron Islands and Dorne.

Still, the armies of the Reach are nearly twice as large as those of another populous kingdom such as the Westerlands of House Lannister , though due to their wealth, soldiers from the Westerlands tend to be better equipped. While not quite as wealthy as the Lannisters in the Westerlands, the Reach is still a very fertile and productive land, and its knights are so wealthy that they can afford full plate armor in contrast with the hardscrabble lands of the North, whose soldiers often have to settle for cheaper chainmail.

While the Reach has very rich lands and can field a vast army, it wasn't able to conquer all of the other kingdoms in the centuries before the Targaryen Conquest , but this was largely due to simple geography: while the Reach can raise armies twice as large as any other kingdom, it also has twice as many hostile borders. Most other kingdoms only directly border two other hostile kingdoms plus the Riverlands , which were a weak border-zone : the North borders the Vale and is close to the Iron Islands plus the Riverlands , the Westerlands border the Reach and the Iron Islands plus the Riverlands , the Stormlands border the Reach and Dorne plus the Riverlands , and Dorne borders the Stormlands and the Reach.

The Reach is open, with porous barriers to distinguish passageways from performance spaces.

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Yet the expansion is extravagant to a fault and disorienting to explore—qualities that it inherited from its federal paterfamilias. Established by Congress as a memorial the year after President John F. Over the years, it has added programs to accommodate newer categories of performance namely with the Millennium Stage. But the performance hall is almost single-mindedly suited to large-scale productions such as those of the Washington National Opera or Hamilton. Picture a horizontal triangular plane that intersects three vertical columns named the Entrance, Skylight, and River pavilions.

That begins to describe the layout of the Reach. The entire 72,square-foot facility is nested within a sloping riverside landscape that runs to nearly five acres, offering some , square feet of gardens and greenways. Visitors walking the length of the Reach will see green rooftops that gradually descend underfoot. Visitors walking the perimeter of the Reach can peer into studios at multiple levels. They might start at the Entrance Pavilion, which is accessible from the parking garage, the street, and the Stone building. By several routes, patrons will enter the pavilion underground, although they might never know it.

All three pavilions are above-ground caps to a structure that weaves above and below grade. The experience never feels claustrophobic. Holl likes to play with orientation in space: In Shenzhen, China, he designed a project known as the Horizontal Skyscraper , which is as long as the Empire State Building is tall. From the inside, the Reach expansion conceals as it reveals. Several studios, most of which can be configured for either performance or rehearsal needs, offer sight lines to the outdoors.

The windows in P. Elsewhere, a person walking by the building might be able to peer inside Studio F and catch say a rehearsal led by Tiler Peck , the principal dancer for the New York City Ballet. So windows offer light, but they also speak to the philosophy behind the whole expansion.

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Rutter says that the younger audiences that the Kennedy Center hopes to attract want to see more than the polished production. They want to see how the work is made. The informal jumble of thoroughfares and practice spaces at the Reach stands in stark contrast to the imposing march from the Hall of Nations to the Opera House at the Stone building. One is like jazz; the other is, well, opera. But the improvisational air is also a bit of a put-on.

And throughout the Reach, the board-formed concrete surfaces infused with titanium white pigment are both blindlingly bright and tantalizingly touchable. There are symbolic treatments, like the grove of 35 gingko trees planted to honor the 35th president, but the geometry steals the show. These bends in the surface are planted with sedum, a succulent grass sturdy enough to grow vertically when the curvature of the landscape calls for it.

One of the challenges for the Reach was to thread the site with the city. The expansion occupies an isolated promontory bounded by Rock Creek Parkway and the Interstate 66 exchange on two sides and the solemn Stone building on the other. The designers built a new pedestrian bridge which spans the parkway, connecting the Reach to an improved promenade along the Potomac River and the Rock Creek Park Trail. Bicycle paths now reach the site, too.